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We’ve all seen those messages. And right on cue, your manager runs over, needing a dozen images for a presentation that’s all about global business, with a focus on the Malaysian market—and absolutely no images of professionals shaking hands…and make sure it’s appropriate for regional markets…and…well, you know more’ll be coming. Due date? As soon as possible, of course.

So, what’s your next move? How are you going to find the images you need in time, while also satisfying the creative needs of the presentation (and your boss)?

It’s easy, right? You’ve crushed urgent requests like this before, and you’ll do it again—with time to spare—by searching on iStock.

First, Start a Search (And Use Keywords!)

Just type in “business” and you’re set. Our powerful search, paired with curation from our expert art-directors, helps you find the best images, fast—and, with our team of global contributors, your results will always include diverse content, captured by local photographers.

Our search will automatically provide you with ready-to-use images for global business, but let’s get more precise to find business imagery related to Malaysia. Just search “business Malaysia” to get thousands of incredibly authentic images that look like they could be slices of life, fitting right into the business world of Kuala Lumpur.

Then, Add Some Qualifiers

You can also get pesky handshakes out of the way, right off the bat. Just search “business NOT handshakes” and you’ll get a new gallery of results including everything business—without the handshakes.

After That, Refine Your Results

After you’ve picked your keywords and started searching for the right images, you can choose to refine your results by using our powerful filters. How about business images with only two people? We’ve got a filter for that. How about panoramic horizontal business images? Yup, you can also filter different types of orientation. Use these filters and more by exploring the filter panel on the left hand side of your search results page.

If You’ve Got an Image You Love? Search by Image

Have an image that you love? If you want to find similar images, just drag-and-drop it into the iStock search bar, and you’ll get a gallery of similar images to choose from.

Need Some Inspiration? Explore Curated Collections

If you’re still looking for a few business images to round out your presentation and need some more inspiration, explore our regularly updated galleries. They’re hand-curated by our team of visual experts and filled with the high-quality images that will excite your boss and impress your customers.

That’s it—you’ve got everything you need. When you search on iStock, you’re guaranteed to find incredible images, videos, illustrations, and more—all at a price that’ll satisfy your creative needs and budget. Ready to put some of these search tips to use? Start a new search right now.

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