Upload Your Logo and Content to Create Custom, On-Brand Videos

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With the new iStock Video Editor, you can create incredible videos like a pro in minutes, no design experience necessary. It’s as easy as choosing a video, customizing, and downloading—all directly from iStock.

Why Should You Use On-Brand Video?

As any marketer knows, an optimized visual strategy needs to include video. It’s something your customers want to see and it’s one of the top ways that you can increase your revenue and conversions, with 89% of marketers saying that video gives a good ROI.

A critical part of optimizing your video strategy is telling consistent visual stories across all your marketing materials—and if you’re not doing that, you’re missing out on a key opportunity to create more brand awareness and impact. By producing content that’s instantly recognizable and on-brand, you’ll more easily create the lasting connections you need to foster your relationships with your customers.

The iStock Video Editor makes it easy to create unique content without the hassle of using a complicated design program. We’ve listed the steps out for uploading your own logo and content—and included a helpful video to show you how it’s done.

You’ve Got a Logo—Make Sure You Use It

Your logo is an incredibly important part of your brand’s identity— it’s what helps your customers recognize you instantly. That’s why it’s critical to make sure your logo is visible, identifiable, and consistent in all your marketing material.

The iStock Video Editor makes it incredibly easy to upload your own logo in your custom videos—just click “Upload Watermark” and upload your brand’s logo. That’s it! You can scale it up or down, and move it around by simply dragging it in the video editor. You’ll be able to position your logo exactly where you need it to make the most impact for your brand’s visibility.

Personalize Your Videos With Your Unique Content

Although you can create any video you can imagine with millions of engaging images, videos, and illustrations from iStock, there are moments where it’s important to include your own content, such as for product placements.

Once you’ve decided which content you’d like to use, uploading it into the video editor is easy. Just click “Upload content” and upload or drag-and-drop files into the editor. With the iStock Video Editor, you can ensure your video includes everything it needs to stand out on social and engage your audience while staying on-brand.

Bring Your Videos To Life With The iStock Video Editor

You’ve added your logos and your own content—now use the iStock Video Editor to create the perfect, social-ready content you need. But remember, you’ll be responsible for anything that you add to your final product that isn’t licensed from iStock.

Need Help Getting Started? We’ve Got You Covered.

If you’re still not sure how to approach creating your own videos, you can take a look at our time-saving, easy-to-use templates for any occasion—ranging from promos to holidays, and so much more. Plus, we’ve got additional resources that guide you through editing your clips within the video editor, as well as a general, get-started guide to help kick-start your video creation journey.

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