How to Connect With Your Audience During COVID-19

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During times like these, it can be more important than ever to stay connected to friends, family, and even your customers. Through this difficult period, iStock is here for you, so we wanted to share some fresh boards that can help you stay connected with your audience while still being sensitive to their new realities. Start with this imagery as you continue working on your creative projects.

Work & Learn from Home

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The obvious subject matter on everyone’s minds is our new work environment. As many of your customers can still do their jobs remotely, they’re most likely operating at a higher capacity than you might think. So, rather than showing standard business imagery for B2B projects (conference rooms, handshakes, etc.) that don’t show today’s reality, start with this collection of visuals that depict remote workforces in a positive way. We’ve also added a few images for your education-based projects that depict homeschooling.

Virtual Relationships

327748_NewsCred_iSCOVID-19_795x400_Virtual.gif524534082, Georgijevic | 1168792638, Lisa5201 | 1125633665, katleho Seisa | 1183384906, FG Trade

It’s not just work that has moved to the remote world; now, almost all of our interactions have to happen via tablet screens and phone calls. But that doesn’t mean your audience won’t respond well to images depicting virtual relationships. This board offers great examples of uplifting, friends and family lifestyle images.

Working In

327748_NewsCred_iSCOVID-19_795x400_Workout.gif1187354786, PeopleImages | 1207349697, RichLegg | 1165505236, visualspace | 638571278, vgajic

Fitness and fitness tech have become some of the biggest industries in the world, and interestingly, some of the biggest fit-tech businesses and services are perfectly poised to help people in self-isolation stay in shape. That’s why we’ve collected a board of images that show fitness and workouts from the safe confines of home.

Hobbies & Pastimes

327748_NewsCred_iSCOVID-19_795x400_Hobbies.gif478015628, ClarkandCompany | 1147393234, aldomurillo | 1162820866, hobo_018 | 1140410298, Moyo Studio

One silver lining from this period is that people will have more opportunities to pursue passion projects and hobbies, and with sporting events and concerts being put on hold, it’s more important than ever to show your audience that life indoors can still bring joy. Check out these images depicting gaming, hobbies, and at-home fun.

Furry Friends

327748_NewsCred_iSCOVID-19_795x400_Pets.gif1129211893, GabrielPevide | 1182703011, FilippoBacci | 1129449588, hobo_018 | 1061363412, Tempura

Whether your audience members have their own four-legged friends at home or they just want to live vicariously, now’s a great time to bring a little joy with heart-warming pet imagery. And because pets still need care, too, the pet industry is still operating at close-to-full force. This collection gives you great options for all of your pet-centric projects.

Abstracts & Illustrations

327748_NewsCred_iSCOVID-19_795x400_Abstract.gif1136627236, filo | 1205582913, anilakkus | 1209085882, Boogich | 1155007589, filo

When putting together creative projects during a time like this, it can be hard to navigate “appropriate subject matter”. Showing crowds is obviously not advised, but it can still be hard to figure out what visuals are okay to use. That’s where abstract illustrations can come in. For projects like web design or artistic work, these vibrant visuals allow you to produce bright, colorful creative without accidentally showing problematic subject matter.

Working on projects and communications dealing directly with COVID-19? Start here.

Just know: at iStock, we’re still here for you, our contributors, and the industry at large. To that end, we’ve also put together a board of free content to use in your projects. We’re all in this together, and even though our lives have changed, that doesn’t mean we can’t spread positivity with creative projects, stay connected, and support each other.

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