How to Choose an iStock License for Your Project

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Licensing on iStock is designed to be simple and clear, so you can focus on finding the right image, video, or illustration quickly and easily. The standard license supports a wide range of uses, but depending on your end product, you might need to extend the rights to make sure your business is covered.

What is the iStock Standard License?

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Whether you’re downloading an individual asset on iStock using credits or you’re downloading several assets via your subscription plan, that file will be licensed under the standard iStock license. Some of the most common creative uses for these files are advertising, apps, websites, social media, TV/film, sales presentations, newspapers, magazines, books, and even product packaging.

So, if you download a photo and want to use it in a personal or business-related project that fits the categories above, you’ll be covered by our industry-leading legal protections. But what if you have a more specialized project?

What iStock Extended Licenses Are There?

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The standard license in iStock is a turn-key way to use an image in most projects while still covering your business legally, provided you use the content within the terms of the license agreement. But if your project requires any of the uses below, there are reasonably priced options for adding the right extended usage rights.

  • More than 500,000 prints

    If you’re producing a magazine, a book, sales materials, or even product packaging in volumes exceeding 500,000, you’ll need to add on our Unlimited Reproduction license.

  • Physical products

    If you plan to produce items for resale or on-demand products (such as posters, postcards, mugs, and t-shirts) you’ll also need to add a Products for Resale license.

  • Sharing files amongst your team

    To give your entire team access to your downloaded files, you’ll need to add a Multi-Seat License. Please note: if you’re a subscription customer, you’ll have to reach out to add this option.

  • Digital templates for resale

    If your business focuses on selling electronic templates for websites, e-cards, brochures, and the like, you’ll also need to add a Products for Resale license.

What If You Need Increased Legal Protection?

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All standard licenses on iStock come with $10,000 of indemnification per item of content downloaded. What does this mean? It’s our promise to you that when you use our content, within the terms of our license agreement, it won’t infringe on any copyright, moral right, trademark, or other intellectual property right or violate any right of privacy or publicity—and we’ll help defend that for up to $10,000 in legal fees.

If you want even more coverage, that’s where Extended Legal Guarantee comes in. By adding this additional level onto your licensed assets, we’ll increase that indemnification cap to $250,000 per item of content.

So How Do You Actually Add These Additional Usage Rights?

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Whether you’re downloading content on iStock using credits or using your subscription, it’s easy to add additional protections using the credits you already have access to. You’ll find options to add licenses on each asset’s download page. Of course, if you have any questions, or are having trouble adding extended licenses, please reach out to our support team.

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